• Real Estate, Per-capita, and Occupation Assessment taxes:
    Effective July 1, 2010, each of the municipality's elected tax collectors have deputized the district to collect its own real estate, per capita and occupation assessment taxes.
    BEGINNING JULY 1, 2010:
    Tax questions pertaining to taxes levied or due beginning July 1, 2010 should be addressed to Deanna Watkins or Mark Jannone, at the Canton Area School District.  Questions can be  e-mailed to casdtax@canton.k12.pa.us, faxed to 570-673-3680, mailed to 509 E. Main St. Canton, Pa. 17724, or phoned in at 570-673-3191.
    Remittance Address:
    CASD Tax Payments, PO Box 160,  Mansfield, PA  16933
    Questions regarding DELINQUENT Per-capita and/or Occupation Assessment taxes should be addressed to G. H. Harris Associates, Inc. P.O. Box 216, Dallas, PA  18612.  Phone: 570-639-5005.
    Questions regarding DELINQUENT Real Estate taxes should be directed to the county tax claim office the property is located in.
    Tioga County Tax Claim Office  570-724-9219
    Bradford County Tax Claim Office   570-265-1700
    Lycoming County Tax Claim Office  570-327-2274