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     Food Service Department

     The Food Service Department at CASD is proudly managed
    by The Nutrition Group.

    This year we would like to introduce you to a great new online feature available. You can now view our cafeteria menus online via an interactive website. Please visit canton.nutrislice.com to view all cafeteria menu's. There you can find lots of great tools to help you choose your students lunch choices. You can find the direct link for this website under the menu section of this webpage. If you have any questions regaurding the menus please contact the Food Service Director, at canton@thenutritiongroup.biz or by phone at 570-673-5196 ext 604!



    Due to a new federal regulation The Canton Area School District qualified for an incredible program that allows all students in the district to receive a FREE reimbursable breakfast AND a FREE reimbursable lunch. Any and all students in the district may come for a reimbursable breakfast and a reimbursable lunch free of charge! The rules for what make up a reimbursable meal can be found on all cafeteria menus as well as in the menu and ala carte tab on this webpage. Students will still be allowed to purchase extra ala carte items such as extra entrees, snacks, drinks, etc so if you would like your child to have that option please send in money as they cannot charge for those items. We encourage all students to participate and help make this a successful program!



Last Modified on May 8, 2018