The current primary playground has gotten years of valuable play since the early 90’s. We are indebted to those who helped raise money and build this system. Time has not been kind however, and due to harsh winters and uneven ground settling issues in addition to warped boards, rusty metal, and splintering wood, we are very ready to bring in a more modern, safe, and kid-friendly system. The following is a quote from an equipment manufacturer, Playworld:

On school playgrounds, certain structures are timeless. The slide. The climbing dome. The monkey bars. Our parents and our grandparents loved them. So why fix something that’s not broken?

Kids today are growing up in a much different environment, with different options, needs, and expectations. So, while the “old school” play structures still work, we’ve enhanced play value by adding new relevance and engagement.

We opened up sight lines- to promote eye contact, interaction, socialization and more effective monitoring. We also opened up options- offering multiple paths in, on and around the equipment. Going from linear flow to open flow means simultaneous play for more kids- and less waiting in line…

            We are looking to purchase one large unit which would include slides, bridges, and climbers just to name a few equipment pieces. We would also purchase separate pieces of equipment such as swings, teeter totters, rocking horses, and handicap accessible equipment to meet the needs of all children.

         You can help the children of our community make this play space a reality by contributing toward the purchase and installation of the equipment.

Please make donations payable to:
CAES Playground Project
ATTN: Katie Foust
545 East Main Street
Canton, PA 17724                          

(570) 673-5196

 * All donations are tax deductible

Last Modified on October 20, 2015