Website calendar updates

Good news on the CASD website calendar front!!
For those who have been patiently hoping for a school calendar you can use on your mobile devices….
The calendar area of the new CASD website is now available to sync with your personal calendar on all of your mobile devices! After downloaded, it should automatically update with any changes made. There are two calendars you can subscribe to, and it is recommended to do both. Events are posted to the District calendar (days off, field trips, concerts, etc) and to the Athletic calendar (all CHS sporting events).
It is an easy process….
While on your mobile device, navigate to the school website ( , in the TOP black line near the search area, tap the calendar icon and choose “Subscribe to Calendars”. The Athletics calendar choice comes up, tap the red “Click to Subscribe” tab and follow the prompts. When it is finished loading, scroll down to do the same process for the Canton ASD Public District Calendar.
After a short minute or two, both should have downloaded to your personal calendar and you are good to go!
You are all now in the know of what’s happening at CASD!!