School Safety Administrators

  • Mr. Darryl Jannone - School Safety Coordinator
  • Dr. Amy Martell - Superintendent
  • Mr. Donnie Jacopetti - CHS Principal
  • Mr. Mike Wells - CES Principal
  • Mr. Mark Jannone - Business Manager

All Bradford and Sullivan County school districts are committed to creating and sustaining a comprehensive, coordinated effort to improve the overall safety and well-being of students, educators and administrators. As partners in education, school district officials work collaboratively with parents, local law enforcement, mental health & wellness professionals and elected officials to protect students and staff.

Schools have numerous resources to assist with efforts related to school safety concerns, some of which include caring faculty, staff, and administrators, school counselors, social workers, and mental health professionals.  These individuals provide a consistent layer of support that can also serve as an avenue for the reporting of school safety information in addition to the new statewide program identified below.

January 14, 2019- Launch of the “Safe2Say Something” (S2SS) anonymous reporting system

The Safe2Say Something program, which is mandated under PA state law / Act 44, provides an anonymous reporting system where concerned students, parents or community members can submit a tip related to the health, safety, or well-being of students in our schools.  The Safe2Say Something reporting system is available via a mobile app or website interface as well as an option to communicate the information via telephone through the S2SS Office of the Attorney General 24/7 Crisis Center.

School district personnel are being educated on the Safe2Say program during the month of January as well as providing specific information for students in all schools.  Our students often are aware of the problems their peers are facing, so we must empower them to know the danger signs and give them the tools to help each other with the assistance of caring adults. The Safe2Say program is being provided through Sandy Hook Promise (SHP), a nation-wide non-profit organization.

Click on the image below to submit an anonymous tip. Please know you may also report any tips relating to school safety and security to any school administrator, local or state law enforcement entity.


Alert   Lockdown   Inform   Counter   Evacuate

Mr. Darryl Jannone, School Safety Coordinator, provides training to all CASD personnel on school safety, using the ALICE methods.